Company History

Robert Foster has always had a passion to make things better. He started Bad Boy Mowers in 1998 to make a better mower. After leading that company to the top of the ranks in the mower industry, he sold his major interest in 2013, and is now the sole owner of Intimidator, Inc., a manufacturer of premium utility vehicles with headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas.

Robert also loves to cook, and took an interest in cooking with the ceramic grill. He was amazed at the quality and precision with which he could cook his favorite recipes. Always an innovator, he worked to create an even better product...a grill, brick oven, and a smoker for direct or indirect cooking. While keeping the same quality as other ceramic grills, he was able to bring the price down for the consumer. Gourmet Guru Grill can be found in the United States and throughout the world.

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