Best Ceramic Grill Techniques for the Holiday Season

Gourmet Guru Grill | Holidays | November 08, 2018

Thanksgiving is upon us! But it’s not just Thanksgiving, it’s the holiday parties, the “Friendsgivings,” having family in town… it all leads to more cooking and big meals with lots of friends and family members. Of course, if you’re not the one cooking, you just get to sit back and enjoy the ride-- but if you’re hosting, your stress level is probably already rising! Having your Gourmet Guru Grill there to help you should be a comfort in itself, but know the best techniques when using it is ideal. Everyone wants their food to turn out better-than-restaurant good, and we’ve got just the tips to share with you to get those drool-worthy meals on the table. 


If you’re not familiar with the term, “bark” is usually considered the best part of a perfectly grilled piece of meat. It’s extra flavorful with a little extra crunch, but not quite burnt or charred. Many times it’s the most fought over piece of meat on the Thanksgiving table! 

Knowing this, you are naturally going to want to use techniques to increase the amount of bark on your meat this holiday season, so whether you’re cooking some turkey, a ham, or some brisket, here are some things you can do to help the process along:

1. The more surface the better- this means potentially cutting the meat to create more surface area to be exposed for prime bark development.
2. Put it on the grill- no pans or tins needed. The best way to create more bark is to cook directly on the grill grates instead of in any sort of container or aluminum.
3. Trim the fat- by trimming the fat as close to the surface as possible, it creates a higher chance of forming more bark.
food on grill

This brings us to… 

In order to gash the meat, you have to make a series of cuts and trims on the top and bottom of your meat in order to create crevices and ridges for your rubs and marinades to soak into. The more places the seasonings get to get packed in, the more flavorful your meat is going to turn out. This is a great technique for most meats any time you want your marinade or rub to absorb a little more, but this is also a prime technique for creating more bark. The cuts create more surface area which opens more opportunity for bark to form and create more deliciously crunchy little bits. 

Another technique you can use is indirect grilling, which is a method used to cook larger items (I’m talking to you, turkey!) that will take longer to cook, but you don’t want to burn any edges while doing it. You do this by placing the meat away from the direct flame and keep the grill lid closed to create more of an oven atmosphere. This allows the meat to cook more evenly, roasting the inside as well as the outside, instead of searing spots on the outside too quickly and turning out with a bunt, but uncooked meat. With your Gourmet Guru Grill, the best way to grill indirectly is to use our Guru Ceramic Plate Setter. This tool blocks the direct heat and allows the warmth to radiate within the dome and cook your food evenly. This is a great tool for your Thanksgiving turkey!
ceramic platter

Using these methods on your Gourmet Guru Grill this holiday season will help you create deliciously juicy and crispy meals to share with your family and friends. There are lots of side dishes that you can create on your ceramic grill as well, so be sure to check out our recipe section on our site for some grilling inspiration!