Grilled Salsa Meat Loaf


·        2 lbs. Ground Chuck

·        1 Egg

·        1 16 oz. Jar of Chunky Salsa (your choice)

·        1 t  Garlic Powder

·        ½ C Quick Oats

·        2 Slices Texas Toast*


1.      Prepare Gourmet Guru Grill for indirect cooking (plate setter with legs up) at 400°. Combine all ingredients (except for bread), mix thoroughly and shape into loaves. 

2.      Place Texas Toast in bottom of grill safe pan and place loaf on top of bread. If your pans are smaller, you may need to use 2 pans.

3.      Grill for 1 hour and check for doneness. 

4.      Pour additional warmed salsa over slices when served.


*The Texas Toast creates a barrier between the loaf and bottom of pan and absorbs any grease from the meat.


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