Grill Assembly Video

Grill Assembly Video

Smoked Sesame Chicken Leg Quarters

Learn to Cook an Asian Favorite with this Delicious recipe.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Amazing Bacon wrapped Scallops with a little twist!!

Smoked Fritos-Ranch Stuffed Bacon Burger

Check out this unique way to smoke a stuffed burger!!!!

Grilled Peruvian Steak

Grilled Peruvian Steak

Lobster Crab and Seafood

Sailor Jerry's Wicked Spice Rum Wings

Grilled Mexican Pizza with Chorizo and Papaya

Smoked Bologna with Fighting Cock BBQ Sauce

Twice Smoke Maple Rum Glazed Ham

Black Ops Brisket

Tennessee Whisky Swineapple Ribs

Smoked Turkey Breast with Cranberry Rum Sauce

Tandoori Masala "Ghost Pepper" Chicken Wings

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